Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Court - Meridian Idaho Senior Photography

When this senior's mama asked me if I wanted to take her pics I was super thrilled. 
This shoot felt like winning the lottery. 
Beautiful girl, beautiful personality, so talented, incredibly photogenic, 
and just plain down to earth and fun! 
While I was editing these pics I had some profound thoughts. 
One of which is that others see us so differently than we see ourselves. 
We have so many angles to our lives, bodies, faces. 
All of which are beautiful and unique from the next. 
So can we all just remember that?!
We are each uniquely beautiful!
How do you choose your favorites? 
It was incredibly hard. 
I would have posted all of them if I could, 
but really that would be a little ridiculous! 
Court, you are gorgeous! ISU is lucky to be getting you soon!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Jake - Boise Idaho Senior Photography

I had so much fun taking my nephews senior pics. He is so handsome, kind, and hilarious!!